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We make a full line of AR15 and AR10 parts and tools.

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Quality american made parts for your com-block rifles.

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From headspace and scoring gauges to armorer's tools.

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M1 and M1A

Parts and tools for the M1 Platform Rifles.

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Freedom Fighter Barrel Extenders

Give your AR or AK a truly unique look with our 100% made in America flash hiders, or barrel extensions. We offer 6 unique styles and 2 lengths to make you the perfect muzzle device for your needs. Check out the link below to see them for your AR-15, AR-10, or AK-47.

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Being a “Mom & Pop” (Sandi and Larry) machine shop, SSM & Sales & Manufacturing, and Northern Gun is NOT like a large machine shop with huge machines dropping off a complete part every few minutes. We start with a blank piece of bar stock, then perform the processes of boring, slotting, milling, any other design processing and
threading of each piece individually. Each process is done on a different machine or on the same machine after one process is complete and the machine is re-set for the next process It all depends upon what parts are in production. Everything from custom work to orders in the thousands are produced the same.
We genuinely enjoy working with customers!