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**Out of Shop on 9-20 THROUGH 9-23-18 for health reasons.  You may order, but shipping will be delayed until 9-24-18. 

Our apologies for any inconveniences.**               



**We do not ship internationally.**

NGP is located in the North-eastern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, near the South Shore of beautiful Hubbard Lake, about 11 miles West of Lake Huron.
We have 55+ years experience (one of our owners started smithing at age 23 and is now 78!) in firearms (gun-smithing, manufacturing firearms parts, and Competition shooting, hunting).

Manufacturing high quality precision firearms parts and tools at discount prices has been our specialty 55+ years. 
Parts are precision manufactured using CNC machines and others in the shop. 
We offer Stainless Steel in many designs, and work with a variety of materials.
In our Michigan, USA shop, NGP manufactures 95% of all parts listed on our website.
Manufacturing a wide variety of gun parts, current, retro and vintage, and gun-smithing tools for the following guns:
For example: AK-47, AR-15/M-16, M-1, M-1A, M-14, SKS, and Springfield 03/A3
as well as select other guns.

NGP creates many quality precision parts not listed on the website.
Talk to us about making your custom ideas and designs!
If you can’t seem to find what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  Ask us--989-736-3266--we can quote most any product you don't see here, including custom design.

**Custom requests are welcome.  We genuinely enjoy working with customers!

  Licensed Dealers and licensed-Gunsmiths receive further discounts, and orders are welcome!  

  Active military and Active law-enforcement receive Dealer Discounts.

**We do not ship internationally.**
  Contact us for quoted prices on cast parts and fully-machined parts from solid stock, EDM, Swiss Machine and some assembled parts-- 
Call the Shop (989)736-3266 or e-mail for a quote. 
We can quote most any gun part, including those not listed on this site.  

At SSM & Sales & Manufacturing, and (NGP)
 we start with a blank piece of bar stock, then perform the processes of boring, slotting, milling, any other design processing and

threading of each piece individually.           

Each process is done on a CNC machine, lathe, mill or Swiss machine.         

Everything from custom gun parts work to bulk gun part orders in the thousands are produced the same.



SSM & SALES and MFG. is open 5 days per week from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., or later, and the occasional weekend afternoon.
Closures are announced on the website for holidays or unexpected situations. as a website is wholly-owned and operated by
L. A. Brown, LLC (owners Larry and Sandi Brown)
dba SSM & Sales and Manufacturing (South Shore Manufacturing and Sales)
dba (NGP).

**DO NOT use with, attach to or install any part or item designed, manufactured or sold through
L.A. Brown, LLC dba SSM & Sales or (NGP)
onto a weapon or other device for which it was not intended. 
The customer is solely responsible for the results from the use and application
of parts or items sold through or from
L.A. Brown, LLC dba; SSM & Sales or Northern Gun (NGP).**